Art is all about
mindful play.

Artists must be exposed to environments which induce focused playfulness, to enhance their creative capabilities. We are that environment. We allow our learners to stay in tune with their inherent creativity while maintaining a solid grasp of the fundamentals of their art form.

The Ultimate Singing Course

Ranjith Govind


Learn from an award-winning artist with over 1000 songs in the film industry.

Learn To

-Sing in Pitch
-Build Strength In Your Voice
-Gain Vocal Agility & Control
-Understand Tempo & Rhythm
-Make Any Song Suitable For You
-Learn To Perform & Connect with your Audiences

Bring your passion, and get on board with us on this musical journey!



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Why The Pallikoodam works

Explorative Learning

While our learning begins at the fundamentals, we believe in a 360 degree coverage of every aspect of the art form we have on our platform, using real-world references and life experiences . This ensures that not only do learners gain knowledge from our courses, but can also put this to use in their own lives as well.

Trusted Content

All of the content curated on The Pallikoodam is very carefully researched, and passed through various levels of scrutiny by subject matter experts. This way, we can assure our learners that not only do we offer the finest quality in our courses, but also unique content that sets us apart from anyone else in the field of arts.

We Empower Teachers

Our content is carefully crafted by the people who walk-the-talk. Our teachers are experienced professionals who live and breathe various forms of art, and we have come up with a system that carefully takes their knowledge and structures it into well-designed courses for your benefit.


Taking up the PaatuClass course at The Pallikoodam was the best decision ever. I understood the nuances of the background of all the songs I’ve been listening to these past few years, and I finally can put this knowledge that I learnt into making my own music.

Supriya Bhaskar

Aspiring musician

The Pallikoodam is a great virtual learning place! What sets them apart is the amount of personal involvement they have with the learners in the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the live sessions and am looking forward to the next set of courses!

Arjun Thambi


I am a carnatic singer, and PaatuClass helped me practise and keep in touch with my fundamentals of music very effectively. The beauty of this course is that it takes your preferences into account and devices your learning based on that.


Retired professional

The Pallikoodam’s holistic course designs have enabled me to not just learn the fundamentals, but also retain all of the basics that I had previously undertaken courses in. The instructors take utmost care to ensure that we learn every important aspect of the course

Sooraj Nair

Aspiring musician