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Registrations open for ActingClass batch starting on 21st July, 2024

Meet your Instructor

Lakshmipriyaa Chandramouli

Actor, National Award Winner

Lakshmipriyaa Chandramouli is a National Award-winning actor who has played pivotal roles in South Indian cinema, encompassing Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu films. She is well-versed in the intricacies of the craft and possesses profound expertise in teaching the art of acting in a systematic and approachable way.

Having collaborated with renowned directors such as Mari Selvaraj, Magizh Thirumeni, Vasanth and shared the screen with some of the most revered actors of our time, Lakshmipriyaa has embraced a multitude of challenging roles that showcase her limitless versatility.

From intense roles such as her portrayal of Padmini alongside Dhanush in the movie ‘Karnan’ to comedic characters such as her role in the movie ‘Soppana Sundari’, Lakshmi Priyaa has truly mastered the art of building memorable and authentic characters.

Her diverse skills and methodologies have proven immensely effective in helping aspiring artists achieve their goals and unleash their potential. If you’re looking for someone who can guide you toward becoming an actor, you’ve come to the right place.

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Who Is this course for?

Everyone who aspires to become a skilled actor, performer, presenter.


Anyone who wants to begin their journey with art by learning the fundamentals of acting.

Aspiring Performers

People who already have some acting experience but want to take their skills to the next level.


People who want to learn how to improve their presentation skills and their ability to convince their audience.

Young Adults

This course is useful for young adults who want to pursue a career in film & drama.


Develop confidence in your ability to communicate ideas & your artistic vision.


Acting is more than just a performing art, it is the ability to discover and express your authentic self. Join us on this insightful adventure and discover your hidden talents!.

What You Will Learn

Acting Drills & Exercises

Confidence in Performance

Your Own Acting Process

How to create and express Emotion

Concepts of Acting

Observation skills

The fundamentals of the Body and how to use Movement, Postures and Gestures to create memorable characters.

How to use your Voice to accentuate the emotional tone of a character.

How to use the Mind and your own life experiences to create emotion within you and express that emotion in your performance.

How to play any character you want by breaking down the script/story into smaller components and using strategies to effectively portray every scene.

About This Course

Do you want to be an Actor?

Do you want to improve your ability to present yourself in public?

Then ActingClass is where you want to be. ActingClass will help you develop the essential skills that every Actor needs to succeed in this artform. The course begins with the fundamental concepts that allow you to understand the core components of acting and how to use them effectively.

In ActingClass, you’ll explore how to use your body, voice and mind to bring a character to life. You will learn the key techniques used by award-winning actors to create memorable and engaging performances.

The methods taught during this course come from some of the greatest performers in the history of the art, artistic greats such as Konstantin Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and many more.
As you progress, you’ll understand the individual components required to portray a character and you will have the opportunity to perform and display your skills through a final project that will bring together everything you have learned. All of this while being closely guided by your expert instructor through regular live classes.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to play any role you desire and you will understand how you can take the next step towards sharing your work as an artist.


You do not need any prior knowledge of Acting. All that is needed is a Passion for Art and a Desire to Perform.

Be an Authentic Performer

Learn to use your Body, Voice & Mind effectively to create authentic expressions that engage and captivate the viewers.

Learning Curve

Experience interactive live classes and go through a strategically curated learning process to develop your innate acting ability.


Level 1 of ActingClass consists of

  • 8 weeks of instructor led training
  • 4 weeks of guided self practise

How it works

Complete The Lessons & Homeworks
Lessons and Homeworks will be delivered to you on a scheduled basis. Complete them within the recommended time and ensure that you follow the practise guidelines provided during the course. Visit your learner dashboard to track your course enrollments and your progress.
Attend The Live Classes
Ensure that you are present during the Live Zoom Classes with your instructor and learn different ways to approach the course material. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have regarding the process.
Earn A Certificate
Upon successful completion of the course materials and the associated assignments you will receive a certificate from The Pallikoodam that can be added to your profile and also make you eligible for various advanced courses that are coming soon.


Joining Lakshmipriyaa's acting class at The Pallikoodam was a turning point for me. As someone who is super shy, I didn’t just learn about Acting but I also gained newfound confidence that has positively impacted all areas of my life.

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Multimedia Manager

I learned to break free from my inhibitions and embrace vulnerability. The supportive environment at The Pallikoodam allowed me to take risks and grow as an actor.

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Through ActingClass, I discovered a deeper understanding of myself and my abilities. The Pallikoodam provided a space for me to explore different facets of my personality through this course.

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IT Professional

Lakshmipriyaa's expertise and passion for acting are evident in her teaching. The techniques I learned at The Pallikoodam have not only improved my acting skills but also deepened my love for the craft.

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Writer & Actor

One of the greatest lessons I learned at The Pallikoodam was how to conquer my fear of performing in front of others. Lakshmipriyaa's supportive approach helped me build confidence in myself and my abilities.

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Social Media Manager

The community at The Pallikoodam is like a supportive family. The friendships I've made and the support I've received have made my acting journey even more enriching. Thanks to Lp’s inclusive teaching style.

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Team Lead


1. What is the course format like?

This course consists of a series of lesson modules in which Lakshmipriyaa will take the learner through the fundamental concepts, demonstrations and exercises that are relevant to the art of Acting.

The lessons are mostly presented in video format and live classes. We will also be providing learners with homework, assignments and practise breaks. In addition, ActingClass will also have built-in quizzes and surveys within the online learning platform.

The assignments will be personally reviewed by Lakshmipriyaa.

2. What is the course schedule?

ActingClass Level 1 is an 8-week course. The course follows a system where students will be given access to lessons on a scheduled basis. The first lesson will occur at the start of each week, and each subsequent lesson will be made accessible in regular intervals.

This is an instructor led course which is a combination of
– 7 lesson modules
– daily practise sessions
– homework / assignments
– 4 live classes with Lakshmipriyaa
– personalised feedback from Lakshmipriyaa

You can do the class at your own pace whenever it’s made available to you.

The live class timings alone are fixed. It will be from 6.30 to 7.30 pm IST on Sundays. This time is usually comfortable for learners from India, USA, UK, UAE, EU, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Sri Lanka.

3. Can I get recorded versions of the live classes in case I miss them?

We highly recommend that you attend all the live classes. However, if you miss it, the recording of the live classes will be uploaded to your course dashboard on the same day.

4. Where can I see the course fee?

Please click on the orange button at the top of this page that says ‘Register Now’ or the ‘Enrol Now’ button on the right side of the page to see the course fee and proceed to registration.

5. Is there any age limit to join ActingClass?

ActingClass was primarily designed for young adults and adults aged beween 12 and 60.

6. What are the basic technical requirements for ActingClass?

A stable internet connection ( atleast 1.5 mbps) and a smartphone.