Our Story

The ancient art forms of India have always been filled with mystery and magnificence. They come from a culture that recognized the immense value of elevating human consciousness, and going beyond horizons. The artist’s journey involved more than just an expression of human creativity, it also carried a great emphasis on the discovery of the self, with the ultimate goal of the artist being the pursuit of oneness with their passion. The path of self-discovery demands that the Artist possesses the qualities of playfulness and perseverance, a much needed combination for any true exploration.

This rich, exploratory process of finding an artist’s true self must find its way into the lives of the generations to come, and it is with this very aim that The Pallikoodam has come to existence. We bridge the gap between the ancient and the contemporary part of art forms, and bring clarity to beauty that is shrouded in mystery, and in doing so we hope to light the flame of passion that lies at the very core of the human soul.

Our learning environment is architectured to support the interspersing of the elements of education and expression, with mindful play being a cornerstone of the learner’s creative growth. We achieve this in our online music lessons by enabling our students to learn through performance, and constant expression.

Ultimately, we strive to create a whole new generation of artists who are able to find greater meaning through their creativity and in doing so, create a culture of artistic expression for the world to be a part of. We are The Pallikoodam.


To enable the world to discover that art is a part of human nature. We believe that if you are human, You are an Artist. You just need to explore, water and nurture the artist in you, and we are here to help you do that.


To provide the most immersive and applicable learning experience in South Indian Performing Arts.