Crowdfunding for Indian Music Projects

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Crowdfunding for Indian Music Projects

In the evolving landscape of the music industry, crowdfunding for music has emerged as a vital tool for artists, particularly in the Indian music scene. This financing model not only empowers musicians to realise their creative visions but also fosters a direct connection with their audience. This blog explores the intricacies of music crowdfunding in the context of Indian music projects, including the participation of global artists, while delving into the challenges and limitations of this approach. We also highlight successful campaigns that have positively impacted the careers of Indian artists.


A Gateway for Indian and Global Artists

Music crowdfunding platforms have opened doors for both Indian artists and global musicians interested in Indian music genres. These platforms provide an opportunity for artists to bypass traditional funding routes, offering a more democratic way to raise funds and gauge public interest. For global artists collaborating on Indian music projects, crowdfunding for music artists presents a unique avenue to explore and contribute to the rich tapestry of Indian music, fostering cross-cultural collaborations.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Embark on Your Crowdfunding Journey

If you’re an artist or a band contemplating the route of crowdfunding to bring your music project to life, the process might seem daunting at first. However, breaking it down into manageable steps can simplify the journey. Here are key steps to help you get started with crowdfunding:

  • Define Your Project and Goals

Clearly articulate what your project is about. Whether it’s an album, a music video, or a tour, having a well-defined project helps potential backers understand your vision. Set realistic financial goals that align with the costs of your project, including recording, production, marketing, and distribution.

  • Choose the Right Platform

Research and select a crowdfunding platform that aligns with your project’s needs and your audience’s preferences. Platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon offer different features, fee structures, and reach. Consider where your potential backers are likely to engage with your campaign.

  • Create a Compelling Campaign

Your campaign should tell your story in an engaging way. This includes creating a compelling video, detailed project description, and attractive rewards for backers. Your narrative should connect emotionally with your audience, highlighting your journey, aspirations, and what makes your project unique.

  • Plan Your Marketing Strategy

A successful crowdfunding campaign requires effective marketing. Utilise social media, email newsletters, and personal networks to spread the word. Engage with your fans and community consistently, and be transparent about your progress and challenges.

  • Manage and Fulfill Your Campaign

Once your campaign is live, actively manage it by providing updates, responding to backers’ queries, and keeping the momentum going. After the campaign, focus on fulfilling your promises, including delivering rewards on time and updating your backers on the project’s progress.


Opportunities and Real World Challenges

First off, let’s talk about the bright side of crowdfunding in music. It’s more than a funding tool; it’s a way to bring your musical vision to life with the support of those who truly appreciate your art. Through crowdfunding, artists not only secure the necessary resources but also cultivate a community of fans who are invested in their success. It’s about creating a shared experience, where both the artist and the audience embark on a creative journey together.

While the concept is exciting, the reality of crowdfunding comes with its own set of hurdles. A key challenge for many artists is building a fan base that’s not just supportive in spirit but also willing to contribute financially. It’s about striking the right chord between showcasing your art and effectively communicating your vision to potential backers.

There’s an inherent uncertainty in crowdfunding campaigns. Reaching, or sometimes not reaching, your funding target can be a suspenseful experience. Additionally, once the campaign is successful, there’s the added responsibility of delivering on your promises to backers, which can be quite a pressure-filled task.

Impact on Music Careers

Several Indian artists have successfully leveraged music crowdfunding to launch or advance their music careers. These success stories serve as inspiration for upcoming artists:

  • Bengaluru Band Perfect Strangers embarked on a campaign to create their debut full-length album. They set a goal to raise nearly Rs 10 lakhs and successfully reached nearly Rs 8 lakhs, showcasing their unique blend of jazz, pop, blues, and prog rock.  Perfect Strangers, a dynamic band from Bengaluru, has an eclectic mix of tracks in their debut album “A Strange Connection” that are a must-listen. Songs like “Selfie,” “Blow Up Doll,” and “Valerie” stand out with their unique blend of genres and themes, ranging from social media’s impact to personal tales of love and relationships. These tracks showcase the band’s versatility and are definitely worth exploring for a taste of their distinct musical style. You can check out these songs and the entire album for a deeper appreciation of their work.

  • Dhruv Visvanath, a New Delhi-based singer-songwriter and percussive guitarist, aimed to raise Rs 3 lakhs for his second full-length album, “The Lost Cause.” He reached this goal in just nine days and set a new target of Rs 5.5 lakhs for additional P.R., marketing, and collaborations, including with composer Randy Slaugh. We recently had the pleasure of hosting Dhruv Visvanat on our Musicians in Conversation (MIC) series on YouTube. In this insightful interview, we delved into Dhruv’s inspiring journey, discussing his self-taught guitar skills, the growth of his musical career. Dhruv’s story is a testament to his dedication and passion for music, offering valuable insights for aspiring artists and music enthusiasts alike. To learn more about his journey and get a closer look at how his career unfolded, don’t miss this engaging episode of MIC.


The Ripple Effect of Successful Campaigns

The success of these Indian crowdfunding platforms goes beyond financial gains. They often lead to increased media attention, providing artists with a platform to showcase their talent to a larger audience. Additionally, the direct engagement with fans during the campaign can lead to long-lasting relationships and a loyal fan base, essential for an artist’s long-term success.


Crowdfunding for music projects presents a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. While it empowers artists to pursue their creative endeavors, it also demands strategic planning and community engagement. The success stories of Indian artists and their impact on the music industry are testament to the potential of music crowdfunding. As the landscape of music production and distribution continues to evolve, crowdfunding stands as a promising avenue for artists to realise their musical aspirations and connect with a global audience.

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